Euronews Georgia – an international project in a pandemic

Euronews Georgia, a new news channel with a state-of-the-art technology complex built in the heart of Tbilisi in an old building, started broadcasting in Georgian in late summer 2020. VisionHOUSE specialists implemented this international project on time, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

“We developed an elegant solution that reduced the cost of the project by several times. At the same time, all the standardized requirements of Euronews were met flawlessly.”

Almost before the installation, air travel was banned and strict quarantine measures were introduced. The project was in danger of failure.

But there are no obstacles for true professionals. Four VisionHOUSE specialists took a charter flight, strictly followed all the requirements of the observation, regularly reported to the doctor on duty about their health status, until they were finally allowed to work at the TV channel.

“The European side has put forward high demands on the equipment and infrastructure,” comments Oleksandr Selyaninov, deputy director of VisionHOUSE. “Ми розробили елегантне рішення, яке знизило вартість проекту в кілька разів. При цьому всі стандартизовані вимоги Euronews були виконані бездоганно”.

With the remote support of the VisionHOUSE team, Alexander Petishkin, Sergey Syzykh, Ilya Grinichenko and Pavel Shcheblykin installed equipment, tested, trained staff, helped develop graphic templates, supported and accompanied the Euronews Georgia team before, during and for 10 days after the launch. Dmytro Bielik set up cameras and lighting equipment in the TV channel’s studio.

“In the project business, this kind of caring support is called baby-sitting,” says Oleksandr Selyaninov. “It was important for both us and the customer that the launch went off flawlessly, at the highest level.”

The newsroom, editing, on-air graphics and video wall management are based on Avid Technology solutions. The highlight of the project was a series of integration bridges between Avid systems, BroadStream Oasys automated playout and inMedia digital archive systems. Robotic cameras, studios, camera and editing equipment, hardware and archives interact at a high level of integration, like a harmonious orchestra.


  • In a pandemic, an international turnkey project was completed on time
  • Elegant solution clearly meets EURONEWS corporate standards
  • Newsroom, editing, broadcast graphics and video wall management from Avid Technology
  • The highlight of the project is the integration bridges between Avid, BroadStream Oasys, and the inMedia archive.
  • Robotic cameras, studios, camera and editing equipment, hardware and archives interact at a high level of integration – like a well-coordinated orchestra.

An interesting fact: the pedestals for the studio cameras were made at the Tbilisi Aviation Plant, which produced Su-25 attack aircraft.

Now, international, national and local news from a European perspective is broadcast 24/7 in Georgian.

“This is our first TV channel in Georgia,” said Alexander Selyaninov. “VisionHOUSE specialists and manufacturing partners supported the guys remotely, the Euronews Georgia team flawlessly met the deadlines for preparing the premises, and despite the restrictions on work within the walls of the architectural monument, everyone managed to do it and meet the deadlines. Our installers returned by ferry. ”

“I am very pleased that Euronews Georgia has started broadcasting in Georgian. I am immensely proud of the way Euronews and the Silknet and Euronews Georgia team have worked together to launch a 24/7 TV channel in just one year,” said Euronews Head of Operations Michael Peters.

“I think it is very important that in this difficult time of crisis, when the whole world is fighting the pandemic, we managed to keep our promise and guaranteed the timely broadcast of Euronews Georgia,” commented Giorgi Ramishvili, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Silknet, and wished the channel’s team all possible success.

“We have all joined a team of experienced professionals who share the values of Euronews Georgia – independence, impartiality, diversity of views,” said Jeano Zhvania, Director of Euronews Georgia, adding that this launch is an important milestone for the entire nation.

“Many thanks to Euronews Georgia for their trust and cooperation, and to the entire VisionHOUSE team for these emotions and the result of many days of work and many nights of installation,” said Nikolai Zaluzhny, director of VisionHOUSE. “Hard work, commitment, and skill brought together professionals in a difficult time to take this big step forward together.”