Testing of the Clear-Com intercom system


Our task was to evaluate the functionality of a secure communication system in the conditions of distributed and remote production during the war. To achieve this, we created the following topology: the central matrix was located at the Clear-Com office in Cambridge, United Kingdom, while the communication panels were distributed over a distance of more than 2000 km and were situated in different cities in Ukraine. The system also included mobile virtual panels: Agent IC on smartphones and Station IC on laptops. All devices were operated in an IP environment, and local and mobile Internet operators were used for data transmission.
We dynamically switched mobile and local Internet providers during the test on all participating devices. Power outages and switching were also simulated.

We modeled work situations that communication operators in Ukraine often face during times of war. Clear-Com successfully passed this test. The speed and quality of communication were fantastic. Minimal latency and fast subscriber switching provided everything needed for real-time broadcasting, regardless of the connection network. Whether you are connected via Ethernet cable (Clear-Com panels), using a PC or laptop (Windows, MacOS) with Station IC software, connecting via Wi-Fi network, or using smartphones or tablets with Agent IC (Android, iOS), you are part of a unified command center network. In “LIVE” mode, the entire team can react interactively and in real time without any delays. Throughout the testing process, all components of the system quickly recovered and returned to their operational state.

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