Avid media Composer 2023.3


What’s new in the new release of Avid Media Composer 2023.3?

✅ Enhanced Export to Pro Tools

Avid introduced the ability to export Media Composer sequences as actual Pro Tools sessions back in December 2022. In the spring release, improvements have been made to make this functionality more user-friendly, including:
• Export of differences and comparison of the entire bin
• Media consolidation from different copies
• Permission to convert files from different copies
• Permission to exclude inactive tracks from the composition and mix

✅ Media transfer to Avid NEXIS during remote work

Corporate Media Composer users know that if you connect to the Avid NEXIS storage via Avid NEXIS | EDGE, it is possible to copy multimedia files to the local disk for remote work.
The updated version of Media Composer allows you to copy media files from the local disk back to the Avid NEXIS system.
The interface and process are the same as if editing were taking place in the office. Simply select any media file or one or more bins in the project window or sidebar, and copy it to any connected Avid NEXIS workspace.

✅ Bin Protect

Although sharing bins is enjoyable, there’s nothing worse than accidentally moving or altering their content.
In Media Composer 2023.3, there is a “Protect Project Bin” contextual menu command that allows you to lock a bin to prevent accidental changes to its content by all users.
After executing the command, the bin will always open as “locked,” providing users with read-only access. This feature is slightly different from the “Lock Project Bin” command, which allows a person to lock everyone but themselves.

✅ Access to Adobe Premiere Pro-style interface

If you’ve switched to Media Composer from Premiere, Avid has made the transition even easier by integrating Premiere Pro-style workspaces into the interface. To access them, you need to create a new user profile in Media Composer, where two default user settings will be offered: “Media Composer Default” and “Transition from Adobe Premiere Pro.”

✅Live Link support through Avid UME

Avid Universal Media Engine (UME) now supports Live Link, providing optimized performance when working with QuickTime video formats such as MOV and MP4, as well as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and other static images. To enable Live Link, simply select “Enable Live Link” in the “Link Options” tab and all associated video files or static images created in third-party applications will be automatically relinked if they are changed outside of Media Composer.

Very good job, Avid Team