Miller Tripods at NAB 2023


This year, Miller Tripods fulfilled its dream by completing the lineup of fluid heads for filmmaking under the brand name Miller Cine and the CinX series. In 2019, the CinX 3, 5, and 7 were announced and proved to be extremely successful in the rental market.

At NAB Show, the CinX 8 and 9 were announced, with a payload capacity of up to 40 kg, along with smaller CinX heads, such as the CinX 2, 23, and 25, which can handle payloads of up to 14 kg. One outstanding feature of all CinX models is the availability of 16 counterbalance positions.

Another interesting development is the new plate for Versa tripod heads. It is fully compatible with the legendary Manfrotto 501PL plate, offers an improved sliding range of 105 mm, and is reversible. To differentiate it from standard plates, the Versa plate is painted orange.

Additionally, Miller is introducing the new Solopod Q Cat 314 monopod, built to the same standards as the Solo Q tripod series and equipped with the fast Solo Q clamps.

Now, it’s your turn to take advantage of these new products.

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