Media Complex for Multisport Arena Druzhba

Multisport Arena Druzhba was modernized and equipped in line with the KHL professional standards, including the media infrastructure for broadcasting and live TV production.

Cabling and communication boxes cover all required camera positions and empowers broadcasters to start live production as easily as switching the OB van to the patch panels with no fuss with external cables. The media infrastructure meets all KHL standards and complies with requirements of the contemporary arenas. This project became the technological breakthrough among icehockey arenas.

Media Complex for Multisport Arena Druzhba

"The media infrastructure complies with the highest standards of live production and national broadasting."

TV and Radio Company «Ukraine» was broadcasting the first competition at this arena on the 1 September 2011. According to the company's Chief Engineer Yuri Lazarenko, this media infrastructure empowered a new level of broadcast quality. The number and location of the cameras are now professionally correct, TV operators enjoy perfect conditions for creating the top quality picture. OB van staff can finally focus at the camera settings, sound and other important things for quality broadcasts without distracting to secondary problems like cabling.

«The media complex now meets the highest standards to live sports broadcasting. We can use 15 HD cameras, microphones and commentators' workplaces, flash-interview zones enable us to professionally deliver the excitement of the competition to the millions of viewers. The TV program from the OB van is broadcst to the LED screens all over arena, too. Before this installation, working here was a challenge because there were no camera positions or proper cables in the mission critical spots. The decision about implementing this project was more than correct and proper, it enabled to take the broadcast audience appeal to the world level», Mr. Lazarenko noted.

features pic
  • cabling and patch panels for OB vans,
  • hanging professional microphones,
  • commentator's workplaces,
  • flash-interview positions equipped with broadcast quality lighting and sound,
  • TV program from OB van is broadcast to the LED screens in the arena and halls, 
  • the media infrastructure meets KHL standards and requirements of the contemporary broadcasting.

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