Media Platform for Halyk Arena

New multifunctional ice arena for 3000 seats built in terms of preparation to the 28th World Winter Universiade Almaty 2017. In September 2016, President Nursultan Nazarbaev attended Halyk Arena and was pleased with the inspection. VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator as a subcontractor of ColosseoEAS designed and deployed audio and broadcast infrastructure in line with all requirements. LED information systems, universal multisport video system for judges, scoring and statistics were also deployed under management of the Single Media Platform.

Media Platform for Halyk Arena

Nikolay Zaluzhniy, VisionHOUSE Director:

«We are often asked: what is a sports venue media platform? It's a complex ecosystem that helps to create unforgettable atmosphere during sports competition, and through this system millions of TV viewers will immerse in this atmosphere. It includes professional sound, lighting, amazing videos on LED panels and video cubes, informational systems for scoring and statistics. Thoroughly planned cabling will enable live production in line with requirements of the sports federations. Broadcast class cameras and editing systems will serve to create arena's own unique content to be delivered to various devices. All of these complex multilevel components and centralized management system will increase the venue's prestige and profitability, attract more fans, sponsors and advertisers. Halyk Arena received the World Universiade at the highest level! We thank Halyk Arena and ColosseoEAS for the opportunity to take part in this project.»

Complex multilevel components are integrated in a signle management system to increase the venue's prestige and profitability, attract more fans, sponsors and advertisers.

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Project features:

  • Turnkey Professional Acoustics
  • Single Media Platform
  • Centerhung
  • Universal Video Goal Judge
  • LED Scoring, Timing, Statistics 
  • Cabling
  • Camera Positions, Patch panels for OB Vans
  • Intercom

LED Screens and Management 

Colosseo Centerhung Videoboard and all multimedia solutions are controlled by the unrivalved Single Media Platform (SMP) from Colosseo that manages 16 live video inputs while providing instant replays, advertisements and graphical content control. Operators were also equipped with the latest generation of Colosseo control surfaces for live production and replays for better and more convenient media production.

Video Analytics

Video analyses of controversial goal moments was also included as Colosseo installed its latest generation of Video Goal Judge together with recently upgraded wireless goal cameras with new generation casing and signal transmission.


Timekeeping, scoring and statistics are under control of two Colosseo Timer consoles and all data is fully integrated with the Single Media Platform for better infotainment as well as with the Video Goal Judge where all important moments are marked with a timestamp on the interactive timeline.

Media Accessories

Among installed sports accessories from Colosseo there are goal lights, penalty lights, Video Goal Judge beacon and sport clocks in the dressing rooms.

Broadcast Infrastructure

The project is deployed with of Draka cables from Prysmian Group. Nevion media production solutuions are used for broadcasters to connect to cabling through patch pannels at camera positions. Professional intercom solutions from Clear-Com include digital matrix Eclipse HX-Pico with 36 ports, V-Series panel, digital wireless communciation FreeSpeak II Digital with beltpacks.

Arena Acoustics Turnkey

VisionHOUSE also realized full scale audio system complying with all professional standards of arena sound. The acoustic project was designed to offer the optimal performance of sound monitors, configuration and location of amplifiers, etc.

Considering ice arena specifics, waterproof sound monitors from Community were selected as well as QSC amplifiers and professional audio console from Soundcraft. Acoustic baffles were installed to reduce reverberation time in the arena. The project meets international standards of reverberation timing, high levels of distinction and equal sound pressure on tribunes.

arena_cablesAbout VisionHOUSE 

VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator designs, deploys and provides technical support to media complexes for broadcasters, sports venues and media service operators. Our sports venues project portfolio includes Uzbekistan's main football stadium Bunyodkor, multisport arena «Druzhba», and EURO 2012 venues «Donbass Arena» and «Arena Lviv».

About Colosseo

ColosseoEAS is a leading international company based in Bratislava, Slovakia that specializes in LED design, multimedia and statistics solutions for sport venues. The integrated system approach, introduced in 2010, allows stadium and arena owners to input all data from any source into one platform. Moreover the solution automates tasks, reduces redundant operations and distributes native information to a variety of devices like LED screens, IPTVs, advertising fasciae, mobile applications and even wearable devices. Founded in 2005 by four Bratislava entrepreneurs, Colosseo in 2007 entered an exciting field that combines the latest LED lighting technologies with sports, advertising and stadium entertainment. Additionally, Colosseo is the only company in the world to have implemented four, real-time biometric facial recognition systems to enhance stadium security; first at Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava and the other in Spis Arena (Slovakia), Krakow Arena (Poland) and Petrovsky stadium (Russia).




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