Cutting edge media infrastructure for multisport Arena Yunist

The home arena of handball club Motor Sich “Yunist” (Zaporizhzhia) – the five times champion of Ukraine and the winner of Ukraine’s Handball Cup – is now equipped with the best of breed media technologies for sports competitions, concert shows and other spectacular events. VisionHOUSE became the media systems integrator in the project as a subcontractor of its partner ColosseoEAS (Slovakia).

Cutting edge media infrastructure for multisport Arena Yunist

The 21st century sports fans are highly demanding. They want to get all possible information about the game to compare it with past or parallel games. That’s why modern arenas need to meet their high expectations to keep the audience.

The newly modernized Arena Yunist is built in line with the strict requirements of the European Handball Federation (EHF) and all professional requirements for other sports and shows.

features pic
  • ColosseoEAS Single Media Platform SMP
  • sport lighting system
  • turnkey arena acoustics: project design, instatllation, decreasing echo 
  • dynamic lighting
  • centerhung ColosseoVISION LED
  • 2 media screens  ColosseoVISION LED
  • robotic and SNG HD cameras 
  • 25+ km cabling
  • OB Van connection panels
  • camera positions
  • commentators' workplaces

LED Digital Signage: 54 m2 media cube (centerhung) ColosseoVISIONLED(each pixel 6 mm) and two 19 м2 media screens ColosseoVISIONLED(8 mmpixel).

The Arena’s camera park now includes professional HD robotic and SNG cameras.

For HD broadcasting, VisionHOUSE installed 25 km cabling, OB Vans connection points, camera positions and commentators’ workplaces.

Integration with the ColosseoEAS Single Media Platform (SMP) allows to easily create numerous data channels for fans and experts. It enhances the arena emotional experience for all visitors at no special efforts.

Arena Lighting System is based on the latest developments in the industry. Power saving and durable, it helps to control each individual device. Various light effects empower spectacular shows and unforgettable emotions. The system meets all professional handball standards for impeccable HDbroadcasting.

Arena Acoustic System is a real standard of quality sports sound complying with EN 7827:2011 requirements. The key criteria clear speech, equally spread sound and sound pressure are fully balanced and meet the highest level of the world’s best arenas. This acoustic equipment is carefully assembled at German factories to guarantee the fail-proof work for many years. Innovative technologies of acoustic design enable achieving high results with minimal unit sets.

To decrease the reverberation (echo) level ,the innovative baffle acoustic panels were implementedfor first time in Ukraine. This technology provides evident advantages against earlier acoustic covers or wooden panels. The baffles are vertically installed behind the lighting line which makes them practically invisible. Such solutions are widely used at the world’s leading sports venues, e.g. London’s О2Arena and many others. 

Dynamic Light System for colorful lighting effects and various light scenarios create the special atmosphere to charge fans for their team support. Contemporary light devices and grips are supplied from Italy.

The project of the massive reconstruction of the Arena Yunist started in 2017 to be finished in May 2018 andArena Yunist will be ready to host handball, basketball and volleyball competitions. The project also includes possibilities for hosting ice hockey games when needed in the future.


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