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We equip sports venues with Lighting, Audio, LED sreens and Broadcast technologies.

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LED screens & centerhungs
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Sold out tickets
The unforgettable atmosphere will make sure for capacity crowds at your arena.
Booked out schedules for years
Cutting edge infrastructure will make your arena the number one choice for prestigious competitions and concerts.
Comply with the requirements of sports federations
We'll help you meet the strict requirements of various sports federations.
Save resources with centralized management, monitoring and control.
Profit growth
Your arena will be the top choice for sponsors and advertisers.


Cutting edge media infrastructure for multisport Arena Yunist

The home arena of handball club Motor Sich “Yunist” (Zaporizhzhia) – the five times champion of Ukraine and the winner of Ukraine’s Handball Cup – is now equipped with the best of breed media technologies for sports competitions, concert shows and other spectacular events. VisionHOUSE became the media systems integrator in the project as a subcontractor of its partner ColosseoEAS (Slovakia).

Media Infrastructure for Bunyodkor - Uzbekistan's Main Football Stadium

Design, deployment and launch of a large scale multimedia project for Bunyodkor Stadioni built in Tashkent under patronate of President Islam Karimov. Lots of innovations and tight deadlines.

Media Complex for Multisport Arena Druzhba

Multisport Arena Druzhba was modernized and equipped in line with the KHL professional standards, including the media infrastructure for broadcasting and live TV production. Cabling and communication boxes cover all required camera positions and empowers broadcasters to start live production as easily as switching to the patch panels with no fuss with external cables. The media infrastructure meets all KHL standards and complies with requirements of the contemporary arenas. This project became the…

Video Goal Judge at the Icehockey World Championship 2017

Video Goal Judge from Colosseo assisted judges at the Icehockey World Championship 2017 (Division 1А) competitions in Kyiv Palace of Sports this April. Installation and technical support were provided by VisionHOUSE and Colosseo specialists.

Media Platform for Halyk Arena

New multifunctional ice arena for 3000 seats built in terms of preparation to the 28th World Winter Universiade Almaty 2017. In September 2016, President Nursultan Nazarbaev attended Halyk Arena and was pleased with the inspection. VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator as a subcontractor of ColosseoEAS designed and deployed audio and broadcast infrastructure in line with all requirements. LED information systems, universal multisport video system for judges, scoring and statistics were also deployed under…



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