Uncompressed video routing for SES Sirius Ukraine

SES Sirius Ukraine, a subsidiary of SES - one of the Earth's biggest satellite operator covering 99% population of the planet – addressed VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator for upgrading the matrix router for their teleport in Kyiv. Platinum MX from Imagine Communicaitons was selected as the number one choice for reliable comprehensive routing of uncompressed video.

Uncompressed video routing for SES Sirius Ukraine

SES has been running its own teleport in Kyiv since 2007. DVB multiplexing is the key segment of the teleport. The SDI matrix is one of the mission critical part in the infrastructure responsible for routing uncompressed video signals between other equipment. Therefore the new router had to comply with high standards.


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  • ultimately reliable for 24/7/365 work,
  • highly flexible configuration to fulfill ever changing tasks,
  • scalable for growth with no need to stop operations or anyhow impact the active services.

Imagine Communications Platinum MX routers combine highly reliable architecture with flexibility and scalability. Platinum MX provides independent routers and crosspoints for audio and video signals.

In the process of selection, SES Sirius Ukraine considered positive references from users of this equipment, in particular, Platinum MX user experience of Zeonbud, Ukrainian DVB-T2 provider.  

The deployment of Platinum MX in «SES Sirius Ukraine» infrastructure removed the bottleneck in the system of DVB streaming. The maximal number of processed channels grew from 64 to 128, with the possibility to double capacity without replace equipment.

Imagine Communications Navigator Single serves for monitoring and management through software model improving the operational experience.

Also, the solution opened new backup opportunities, increasing overall system resilience.

The proect was launched in 2016 and has been successfully serving the customer.

Fixed the bottleneck in the system of DVB streaming. The maximal number of processed channels increased from 64 to 128 with the possibility to further double capacity without replacing equipment. With the new backup opportunities, the overall system became more resistant to failures.

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