ZIK – News Channel Turnkey

VisionHOUSE commissioned the big multiphase project a turnkey broadcasting facillity for ZIK TV channel (2015 — 2017). The cutting edge media complex in a historical building in the center of the capital of Ukraine integrates remote productions.

ZIK – News Channel Turnkey

VisionHOUSE provided project design, supplied equipment, intalled systems and trained the staff.

«ZIK media complex integrates remote productions, the workflow is equipped with contemporary IP-solutions"

Challenge: Constructive Limitations in a Historical Building

"Design and installation in the heritage asset once again required out of the box thinking," noted Yuri Brushko, the Head of VisionHOUSE Project Design Department. "The Oktiabrsky Palace walls or ceilings contstruction could not be changed, which added challenges to deploying cable channels. It was more than uneasy to keep the exterior, main construction, communicaitons unchanged».

Another challenge was to integrate remote studios and control rooms in distant cities.


«We are happy with the result: ZIK works as a single media complex, the overall workflow is organized with cutting edge IP-solutions. Remote locations (in Kiev and Lviv) are seamlessly integrated, directly interating through all points of channel presence. The media complex takes our TV channel to the next level of contemporary media production. The newsroom from the global leader accelerates our news production», said Vadim Zak, Deputy General Director of ZIK mediaholding.

features pic

Project Features:

  • seamless remote prodution
  • LED lighting in the studio
  • Robotic cameras
  • Newsroom from global leader
  • Integrated playout
  • cutting edge media complex in historical building

"Building news channels is one of VisionHOUSE's key competences," said VisionHOUSE Director Nikolay Zaluzhniy. "We have a great experience in the field of design and deployment of the media complexes for news television, e.g. news production complexes for Ukraine's First National channel, TV Ukraine, 112 Ukraine, NewsONE, TV5 etc.We follow principles of centralized control and seamless integration of all components for accelerating news production and broadcasting informational media products. Every project is a unique complex - the synergistic result of customer and integrator work. We are grateful to ZIK for trust, cooperation and a chance for engineering creativity».

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