SSL TS300 with Dante protocol and Ross Carbonite Black Plus in Inter’s OBVan Upgrade

In 2019 Inter TV Channel (one of Ukraine’s leading commercial broadcasters) requested from VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator a solution to modernize audio and video mixers in the media holding’s obvan PTS-2.
VisionHOUSE offered Solid State Logic’s TS 300 audio mixer with innovative protocol Dante and Carbonite Black Plus from Ross Video. The solution exceeded the customer’s expectations.

SSL TS300 with Dante protocol and Ross Carbonite Black Plus in Inter’s OBVan Upgrade

Solid State Logic TS 300 Audio Mixer helps make a new step into the future

“Inter needed a new competitive audio system and we offered digital mixer SSL TS 300 with Dante protocol”, comments Viacheslav Polishchuk, VisionHOUSE’s Project Manager. “No broadcast level mixers from this vendor had been deployed in Ukraine by that time, but we did take the risk. SSL TS 300’s level of quality and technical opportunities significantly exceeded those of competitive offers”.


  • High quality sound with 64 bit RTOS (Real-time operating system)
  • Minimal delays in signal processing
  • Big bank of sound effects (constantly updated)
  • Delays
  • Dynamics 
  • EQ
  • Reverse 
  • De-noiser 
  • Enhanser 
  • Auto Mixer
  • loudness measurement tools (including EBU R128)All following software upgrades and additions to the sound effects bank are free for customers of SSL mixers.
features pic
  • next step towards the future and more creative freedom with Dante protocol
  • Ross Video Carbonite Black Plus bestseller with XPression LiveCG graphics
  • lifetime software upgrade for audio and video mixers

Ross Carbonite Black Plus

In the OB van, Inter had to replace the legacy Grass Valley Korona video switcher, because it went out of order and could not be used any longer. VisionHOUSE offered Ross Carbonite Black Plus that supported all needed formats, was equipped with great features and fit the needed dimensions (which was quite important in the limited space of OB Van). 

What’s more, Ross Video offered additional bonuses: XPression LiveGC software and lifetime software upgrades.  

Ross Carbonite Black Plus was delivered for less than a month. Deployment of the new equipment took 5 days. In the same term old monitors were replaced for 47” LSD panels, which increased monitor windows from 18 to 32.

The upgrade helped to extend the engineer’s work space and thus enabled more comfortable working conditions.


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