Studio Installation for Ukraine’s Presidential Debate 2019

Leading systems integrator VisionHOUSE installed Screenberry for multiscreen playback in the studio of UA:Pershy national TV channel. The studio was specially renovated for presidential debates in 2019 election race. 

Studio Installation for Ukraine’s Presidential Debate 2019

Screenberry system provides a perfect 4K picture – video, infographics, images etc – on 4 video walls that include twenty five LCD screens from Samsung, managing FullHD 50 fps signal from the media server. If needed, Screenberry can display live feed from the studio cameras. 

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  • perfect 4K image on 25 screens united in 4 video walls
  • each video wall receives FullHD 50 frame/sec signal
  • Screenberry Media Server is used for video, infographics, static and animated images playback
  • can be used for live playout from studio broadcast cameras

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