Integrated Playout BroadStream Oasys for Novy channel in Ukraine

In 2019, the playout control room of Novy channel was moved to the same building as the STB channel within the strategy of Starlight Media media holding (both STB and Novy channels belong to the holding). Back in 2017, STB’s playout was transferred to the integrated Broadstream Oasys system, and the technical management decided to extend it for “Novy” channel as well.
System integrator VisionHOUSE, a partner of BroadStream in Ukraine, provided design of the expansion project for the “Novy” channel, equipment supply, implementation, launch and training. The contract was signed in September 2019, test broadcasting started with a new playout in November.

Integrated Playout BroadStream Oasys for Novy channel in Ukraine

Such integration of the holding’s playout capacities enables huge saving of and optimizes investments: 

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  • employees trained to work on the same technology become interchangeable;
  • a single space serves for the workflow of three television channels;
  • service, modernization, operation of one system instead of many is provided faster and more efficiently.

The integrated playout of BroadStream Oasys successfully provides on-air graphics, broadcasting and automation at numerous television companies in Ukraine.

Since 2013, this system was chosen by:

  • media holdings (9 channels of Inter Media Group, 3 channels of Starlight Media Group)
  • news television channels (“112 Ukraine”, “NASH”, NewsOne, ZIK)
  • Ukrainian niche TV channel “Hope TV”
  • regional TV channel “TV5”
  • content provider “Volya”
  • Film UA Film Production
  • Channel 5
  • Parliamentary Channel “RADA”

BroadStream Oasys software platform, designed specifically for broadcasters more than 25 years ago, is based on a unique software architecture and commodity hardware. This elegant and affordable system with rich and vibrant functionality combines flexibility, scalability and reliability.

“The Starlight Media holding used BroadStream Oasys integrated playout for 3 years. They weren’t disappointed and ordered an extension of the system for the“ New Channel ”. It means that we can be proud of both the solution and our work, ”commented Andrey Mosharov, head of technical service at VisionHOUSE and project manager.


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