Dante Audio Technology for NewsOne

At the beginning of 2019, NewsOne, one of the leading Ukrainian news channels, expanded its technical fleet with a Yamaha CL 5 remote control with support for the Dante audio protocol, which is rapidly gaining popularity. The Yamaha CL5 was the first used to work live.

Dante technology made it possible to connect all the sound signals of the NewsOne TV channel: microphones, all sources from the set, external sounds passing through the SDI video matrix and the communication matrix with the Dante card. All settings, routing and control of signals are carried out from one workplace. What's more, you can orchestrate the whole workflow even from a tablet that “sees” all Dante devices in a Wi Fi network.

Dante Audio Technology for NewsOne

The Mission

NewsOne technical managers addressed VisionHOUSE systems integrator with a request for a comprehensive audio solution where they needed to integrate audio and video paths plus a communication matrix into a single unit, while eliminating the limitations of the old sound consoles on tuning the path and speeding up the setup process.

The main task was to replace 3 audio remote controllers with limited capabilities with one full-featured remote control including Dante protocol for simultaneous operation with 72+ monophonic sound sources capable to work remotely from 100 m to 10 km if the shooting location is at a distance of 10 km from the NewsOne control room.

To date, more than 400 manufacturers produce about 2000 devices based on Dante, their number is constantly growing, significantly ahead of other audio interfaces. The integrator offered several solutions in different budgets and configurations, and as a result of negotiations and discussions, NewsOne settled on the VisionHOUSE's proposal with a Yamaha CL5 concole. The functions are necessary for the customer and the speed of tuning are embedded in the Dante protocol, and its use in the Yamaha CL5 remote control made this remote control attractive from a budget point of view.

features pic
  • all audio signals are controlled from one single work place — can be handled from a tablet

  • a huge effects bank and features for sound processing

  • feature rich solution

  • reasonable budget

  • scalability

The Solution

Yamaha CL5 system is based on both cutting edge technology and vast experience of the manufacturer. The sound engineers at CL5 especially appreciate the huge bank of effects that is always at hand, the great potential for switching capabilities and high reliability. The console allows you to save and load complex presets for each project separately, and the Dan Dugan auto fader function helps the sound engineer to “remember to enter” a guest or host replica into the program. This is very appreciated during multi-hour marathons: sound defects are minimized.

The new remote control opened up the possibilities for using radio systems with the Dante Shure ULXD4QE protocol, which do not need to be tied to the stichboxes and can be connected to the remote control via Ethernet-Dante network at any point.

“We can talk about the benefits of this solution forever,” comments Vyacheslav Polishchuk, VisionHOUSE Project Manager. “Reliability, unlimited resources, scalability of the system, the transition to the real use of IP in Broadcast... This is a step towards the future, keeping pace with modern technologies.”

The solution based on the Dante protocol was proposed on the basis of reliability, low delay for the passage and processing of sound (from 150ms to 1ms), rich functionality and ease of change settings. Dante gives you a 100% guaranteed connection between any two Dante devices.

The final agreement was reached at the end of January, the delivery was carried out in a short time, and already in early February all the equipment was delivered to NewsOne.

A one-day course was enough for NewsOne experienced sound engineers to learn Yamaha CL5.

«We thank VisionHOUSE for help in selecting equipment, competent engineering solutions, quick deliveries and timely resolution of issues»

Sergiy Skrypchenko, CTO NewsOnce

One Night to Switch to the New Technology

NewsOne is a news channel that broadcasts without interruption from 07:00 to 24:00. Without dismantling the legacy console, in test mode, we assembled a remote control and several training devices for sound engineers. After a short time, the system solution with the Yamaha CL5 proved to be excellent at the TV marathon: zeor technical problems, no errors by the staff.

“Switching to a new sound path is invisible to the audience. With an intensive mode of operation it was not easy, but we managed in one night,” says Vyacheslav.

NewsOne and VisionHOUSE engineers trained the sound engineers to work with the new Yamaha CL5 console, performed preparatory work for two weeks, and then got rid of many analog devices and hundreds of meters of microphone cables for a night, thus completely eliminating the old audio path, and compiling a new audio path, made the necessary routing of signals in the Dante network, checked the new system and went on air in the morning. This was the second installation of an audio console running the Dante protocol on television in Kiev, I suppose in Ukraine as well*. The TV marathon showed that the new console passed the test drive perfectly. ”

“By installing Yamaha CL5, we finally got what we wanted: a reliable, large and convenient sound console that fully covered all the needs of our sound engineers. During the transition period, it allowed us to fully combine parts of the old analog and new digital paths,” commented Sergiy Skripchenko, technical director of NewsOne TV channel. "We thank VisionHOUSE for help in selecting equipment, competent engineering solutions, quick deliveries and timely resolution of issues."


*The first installation of the T-S300 SSL remote control with Dante technology was also carried out by the VisionHOUSE staff at the upgrade of Inter TV channel's OB Van.

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