Interactive broadcasting at Priamy channel with VisionLINK platform

In November 2018 Priamy channel offered their audience a brand new viewing experience — they could transfer from passive views to active participation in TV shows. VisionLINK platform became the bridge to Priamy’s interactive broadcasting.
Interactive broadcasting at Priamy channel with VisionLINK platform

The channel producers had an idea to empower viewers with an opportunity to voice their opinion in any place, at any time. The requirement was to develop an iOS / Android mobile app Priamy TV with live streaming, global access and flexible options for voting. Priamy TV app would ask questions in a graphically attractive form, offer interactive polls, show important news messages and monetize existing content. In the new studio guests would vote through iPads, people who did not want to install Priamy TV app would vote through phone calls. 

In the end, VisionHOUSE built a platform for alternative broadcasting that surpassed capabilities of traditional television.

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  • iOS / Android mobile app with live streaming and global access
  • polls — from iPads in studio, from Priamy TV app, by phone
  • hot news, announcements, important messages
  • push notifications
  • 10 000+ voters daily, around 50 000 on the days of important political events
  • digital audience is growing every day

More than TV

«The implementation wasn’t simple, it never is with innovations,» comments Vitaliy Zaikin, VisionLINK Product Manager. «It’s a unique solution, the first in its class on the market. After deployment the producers were surprised: “How was it possible? It’s genius!” Of course, we are happy to hear that.»

VisionLINK platform is integrated with telephone polls to enable communication between the channel and the audience of older generations who do not want to deal with smartphones or tablets. Priamy TV app involves digital audience who choose to consume video content on mobile devices. Integration with the channel’s character generator allows to instantly deliver poll results to the app and on air. With push notifications viewers get to know hot news faster than on TV.

Matvey Ganapolskiy, the host of the Priamy channel, commented: 

«When members of the Parliament vote in Rada for some law, I’m always curious what would the whole country vote for when people are sitting at their TVs and are aware of the importance of some law. Would the country agree with the deputies’ opinion or not? Now imagine, thanks to Priamy TV app, you can vote with the deputies right from your home! And then we can understand if we voted together with them or not. And then we approach this app differently. We get the global understanding of what we think as a nation.»

The solution is actively used in the studio and through mobile app. The studio guests vote daily from the show iPads, TV viewers – through phone calls and Priamy TV app on their smartphones and tablets.

«Our digital audience is growing — the number of app installations is growing every day», comments Artem Zhilin, CTO of Priamy channel. «Over 10 000 viewers vote daily, around 50 000 take part in polls on the days of important political events. VisionLINK technical support responds quickly and efficiently. As a partner and supporting part, VisionLINK works really well, we have no complaints.»

“We have built a platform that covers viewers of all ages. These are people of both older generations who love their TVs, and younger people who consume video content online or through smartphones»,  says Vitaliy. "We register users of Priamy TV in the USA, Canada, Europe – it proves the concept of VisionLINK to push the boundaries of traditional broadcasting. We thank Priamy’s management for trust and common technological creativity.”


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