112 Ukraine: Next Gen News TV

Non stop live production, robotized studio, seamless integration with new media, all news on air way before competitors resulting in rapid rating rise. Learn how advanced media technologies brought to life bold innovative ideas. 

112 Ukraine: Next Gen News TV

The project was launched in early 2013, and even at the stage of the technical assignment it became clear that the new channel will become the most different technically in Ukraine, with so many differences from classical projects for standard TV channels. The integrator was once again challenged to implement innovative ideas.

112 Ukraine was designed as a news channel with high share of live broadcasting (from 10 to 16 hours daily). The studio hall was located in the regular office building - not huge at all and with low ceiling - and the integrator was challenged to organize dynamic multicamera HD-broadcasting in minimal space.

The live broadcasting needed lots of video and audio content, texts and graphics, all to be produced and delivered fast, interactively and with high quality.

Reliable and Efficient Broadcast Facility

112 Ukraine was built from scratch. Three key factors impacted the final solution:

  • balanced policy of a small yet ambitious TV channel
  • vangard developments of the world leaders
  • powerful creative component in the huge share of live broadcasting using wide Internet opportunities.

The news production at 112 Ukraine is maximally automated with solutions from the global leader Avid Technology. The ingest, broadcast automation and playout are realized on the basis of the automated playout from BroadStream Solutions, backed with the main and redundant servers.

The media processing is built with fully reserved Imagine Communications router Platinum 128x128 and Predator II monitoring. All cameras, video switchers and monitors are made by Sony, intercom solutions from Clear-Com include 36-ports matrix Eclipse Pico. Archive and traffic system specialist In Media supplied ad management and archive solution integrated with Avid and Oasys systems.

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Functionally powerful complex in compact space:

  • multicamera robotized production in multiple locations with high quality mobile lighting
  • ultimattely automated news production integrated with new media
  • integrated playout

"They don't merely sell equipment, they go into your process real deep, they live your project."

"We assigned the integrator to build a news channel from scratch featuring high speed of news production and delivery. The systems integrator needed to implement a brand new format in Ukraine," said Yuri Ivanov, 112 Ukraine CTO.

"The concept of the integrated playout was selected intentionally, as we all move in that direction. VisionHOUSE offered the ultimately best solution from the the point of view of both news production and broadcast facility. 

Another great plus of this company is how they work. They don't merely sell you equipment, they go into your process real deep, they live your project. This approach came in handy as there were lots of unusual tasks requiring out of the box thinking. And they are just so comfortable to work with."

The Pearl of News Production

Design and installation of the studio complex turned to be the hardest part of the project. Small studio, low ceilings and limited budget and 10 to 16 hours live daily among conditions of the problem.

And unique solutions were found! For example, the 17 robotic cameras. Normally, studios are equipped with 3 to 5 studio cams, the biggest broadcasters in Ukraine have 6 to 8 cameras. 112 Ukraine has 17 cams in studio, newsroom and meeting rooms and each can go live any moment. Needless to say it was harder to deploy that it sounds.

Studio isn't the only place to go live here: the concept realizes multiple shooting locations for news, guests, topical programs and newsrooms. All going non-stop, seamlessly switching from locations, Sony BRC-H900 and BRC-Z330 robotic cameras with all accessories (light, prompters, microphones etc) are working on tripods and hanging from ceilings, capable to move where necessary. The Sony specialists were pleased with the unusual tasks the cameras performed.


The robotic cameras also enabled multiple live broadcasts right from the two newsrooms. 20 of 30 journalists' seats had the possibility to go live with video chat and interaction with studio guests adding the voice over or/and the video.

Quality lighting at the reporters' seats is one more successfully completed task with solutions from Lowel and Dexel Lighting.


"By all means this is amazing project, not only in our country but in the world practice, too: so many shooting locations, robotic cameras and no classical cameramen with traditional studio cameras. Very compact space hosts studio, newsroom and control rooms which all serve as stylish elements of the design set,"  commented Alexander Selyaninov, VisionHOUSE Commercial Director. "17 robotic cameras, management system and communications - that was probably the hardest part.

Lighting was quite a job, too. Mobile light in compact space to meet HD standards was a challenge, too.

But the result is a funcitonally powerful broadcast facility in the small space, highly ergonomic and thought out to the last detail. For today, 112 Ukraine has the most modern news production in the country."

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