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We build from scratch and modernize media facilities for TV and radio broadcasting

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Fine tuned eco systems
In our projects, all components seamlessly interact in all segments of content creation, processing and delivery
Deliver content through all contemporary channels: TV, radio, internet, social media…
Our integrated systems help to simultaneously deliver content to any media platforms
Protect Investments
Future proof solutions ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow
Save resources
Automated systems will grow with your business and require minimal human resource, thus reducing operational costs and errors
Reliability 24/7/365
We offer only proven solutions, backed in all mission critical segments. And the best tech support ever!


Dante Audio Technology for NewsOne

Dante technology made it possible to connect all the sound signals of the NewsOne TV channel: microphones, all sources from the set, external sounds passing through the SDI video matrix and the communication matrix with the Dante card.

Integrated Playout BroadStream Oasys for Novy channel in Ukraine

BroadStream Oasys software platform, designed specifically for broadcasters more than 25 years ago, is based on a unique software architecture and commodity hardware. This elegant and affordable system with rich and vibrant functionality combines flexibility, scalability and reliability.

SSL TS300 with Dante protocol and Ross Carbonite Black Plus in Inter’s OBVan Upgrade

Solid State Logic’s TS 300 audio mixer with innovative protocol Dante and Carbonite Black Plus from Ross Video exceeded customer’s expectations.

Interactive broadcasting at Priamy channel with VisionLINK platform

In November 2018 Priamy channel offered their audience a brand new viewing experience — they could transfer from passive views to active participation in TV shows. VisionLINK platform became the bridge to Priamy’s interactive broadcasting.

VisionLINK in Ukraine’s biggest dispute

In spring 2019 National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA:PBC) produced presidential debate show The Countdown that was recognized by the Council of Europe as the most balanced talk show in the presidential election race. The Countdown proved that the new era of interactive television has truly come: the viewer now plays an important role in the whole show.VisionLINK platform made it possible to involve audiences of different age groups, from different regions of Ukraine, through different…



Can you really build a TV channel from scratch?
Oh yes we can. Dozens of references at your servcie! News, entertainment, niche, multichannel platforms... Which one's for you?
How long does it take to build a multichannel facility?
Depends on your country, scale of the project and - yes, the budget. Give us a call.
Do you offer service?
Sure. Tech support 24/7/365. Peace of mind of our customers is our precious treasure.
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