EVS Xeebra Replay Systems for International Rugby Competition

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OSB, outside broadcast services provider, purchased a fleet of Xeebra multi-camera review systems for use as video assistant referees (VARs) and medical review for all international rugby competition in New Zealand.

OSB’s Xeebra selection came after development of a long-term strategic plan and a thorough period of needs and technology assessment. OSB worked hand in hand with the New Zealand Rugby union to ensure all requirements were met.

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"The beautiful thing about Xeebra is the autonomy it allows"

OSB trucks are used for all regular league games and international Rugby Cup matches, and provide all live production equipment for Sky TV, who broadcasts the live programming. An additional Xeebra system, designed for mobility, will move as needed to support larger one-off events. Through Xeebra’s easy-to-use interface, operators can view up to 16 synchronized angles simultaneously and zoom inside a single camera if needed.

Xeebra’s ability to seamlessly and simultaneously deliver all officiating, medical and broadcast review needs is critical. A long-time EVS customer, OSB also points to the reliability of EVS solutions and to the value of personal relationships as important deal drivers.
“We knew we could count on EVS to design a system that would deliver what we need – and more – with the utmost reliability and using the most innovative technology in the industry today,” added McNaughton.

Source: EVS


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