8K cinematic content, fans immersion for Jacksonville Jaguars football stadium

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are an elite NFL organization, and when they were heading into the 2014 NFL season, they sought to revolutionize the game day experience. Their technological enhancements are unparalleled, and they currently boast the world’s largest video boards – on which they produce 8K cinematic content. Their in- house production team produces content at a resolution that is unmatched at any other venue in the world.

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For the complex purposes of our show, it is more importantly a broadcast quality machine.

The Challenge: Create and maintain a competitive home-field advantage

Jacksonville is quite the transient town, with a fair amount of older season ticket members, and an ever- growing emergence of millennials. It was as important as ever to immerse their fans with fantasy stats, red zone updates, Twitter, Instagram and more, as well as help to create and maintain a competitive home-field advantage.

The Solution: A Broadcast Quality Machine

The Jaguars researched and tested several different social media aggregators and parsers, but once they made their decision to go with a Ross Carbonite production switcher, it was an easy choice to also go with their Inception Social media management and XPression graphics systems.

It just made sense to utilize a few key products from the same manufacturer. By using Ross, the equipment talks to each other more easily, and more efficiently,” said Carlos Caceres, Gameday Producer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“This was one of our most well received new elements on game days. Our fans absolutely loved interacting with our new video boards, and our new social media elements. We received so much positive reaction that there was always plenty of fresh content to be displayed on the boards,” continued Carlos. “Our most popular hashtag has been #JagsGameDayLive, it broke the top ten notch on Twitter on its very first application in game.”

The result: 8K cinematic content for the worlds largest video boards

“I have worked with several other services, social media aggregators and parsers over the years, and I can tell you without equivocation, that Ross Inception is the best social media aggregator, filter and publisher on the market right now. For the complex purposes of our show, it is more importantly a broadcast quality machine. This is not your everday laptop being streamed onto our massive 8K video boards, this is a broadcast standard box, tried and tested, and up for the rigors of working in a fast-paced, live environment. It is intuitive and easy to learn.”

Source: Ross Video


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