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VisionHOUSE Systems Integrator is proud to introduce VisionLINK – its own brand new development for media businesses.


VisionLINK is an application for mobile devices that offers rich functionalities to involve viewers of TV channels as well as consumers of mobile and online video content.


VisionLINK empowers channel audience growth, extends space for creativity and communication with viewers, opens new opportunities to increase advertising revenues.

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VisionLINK reinvents communication between TV and viewers

VisionLINK features:


  • unique integration with channel branding systems in real time,

  • all registered users of the app can easily involve in comments that instantly go on air

  • vote and immediately view results in real time,

  • interact with newsroom and speak as experts,

  • viewers can find out additional information about programs, films and news

  • receive push notifications,

  • browse and search through content library.


VisionLINK integrates with such leading on air graphics systems as Ross Video Xpression, VizRT and Avid Maestro.


Live stream of the channel is available upon launching the app. Users register via Facebook ещ send their opinion and instantly see it on TV screen. Questions and answer variants appear on top of the stream.


Multicam view mode also involves users as they can easily switch between cameras in studio, choose angle of the view at the stadiums, shows, concerts etc.

PRIAMY channel was the first customer to deploy VisionLINK: for three weeks after launch the app was installed by 6674 users, 2689 are actively participating in voting.


VisionLINK provides detailed analytics, opens new opportunities for uninterrupted advertising with individual settings and accurate targeting. The ads appear while preloading, along with the live stream (both simultaneously with the ad at the moment and individually). There are banner various options, graphics, animations, coupons for downloading, online orders, ticket bookings etc.


For all details about VisionLINK features and customization for individual media companies please contact Vitaliy Zaikin, VisionLINK Product Manager.


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