Fujifilm presents the world' smallest and most lightweight lens for 4K video production

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Fujifilm introduced a new portable lens FUJINON UA24 × 7.8BERD with 24x zoom for sports and news to be demonstrated at the IBC 2017 show. 4K series of the company now offers 8 various models for 4K video production.

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FUJIFILM Corporation claims that its new 4K model FUJINON UA24x7.8BERD is "the world's smallest and lightest broadcast lens with 4K  support.  The total length of the device is 220.5mm, the weight - 1.98kg.

Along with the light weight and compact size, UA24x7.8 features a 24x high magnification zoom, covering a focal length from the wide angle of 7.8mm to 187mm. High mobility and operability solution enables shooting in high-definition for realistic videos for live sport broadcasting and news applicaitons.

The new production expands Fujifilm's 4K broadcast lens lineup to 8 models in total, catering to the various needs for 4K video production.

FUJINON UA24x7.8BERD will be on exhibit at IBC2017 in Amsterdam in September.

The lens is scheduled for release in January 2018.  

 Learn more about the new product at Fujifilm.com


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