Channel Branding and Studio Production of the 21st Century

author Natalia Karpova

Production complex EVS DYVI that amazed Francis F. Coppola and channel branding with next gen Avid Maestro system were presented to directors and technical specialists of Ukraine's leading channels in VisionHOUSE conference room in late June. VisionHOUSE together with Avid Technology and EVS held a demonstration workshop «Channel Branding and Studio Production of the 21st Century».

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The director can control EVS DYVI from anywhere in the world with access to all signals - on air, in real time, without compression.

EVS DYVI – more than a switcher

EVS DYVI is a modern production complex based on IT architecture with unprecedented control and management tools.

It's time to stop thinking about bringing all cameras and feeds back to one equipment room when building a media facility.  Instead, use the benefits of IP to distribute your processing to where the content is. Through a distributed IT approach, DYVI put the processing at the edges, and lets you operate like everything is local.  DYVI’s managed pipeline enables you to move uncompressed video, multi-viewer as well as other bridged data to where it is needed.

GPU enabled platform can execute your complex designs at the touch of a button and with creative toolsets, and esign like an artist, instead of tying your hands behind a legacy switcher

DYVI is a managed pixel fabric that uses GPU to be flexible to the production format you need it to deliver. Find out how Francis Ford Coppola applied EVS DYVI for his live movie Distant Vision.

DYVI’s unique design allows the user to bring only what is needed to execute the show rather than waste space to park wasted buttons.  Simple controls mean less training and the ability create more programming at lower costs

The solution features modular and scalable components, built on enterprise-grade IT elements, and precisely defines the system you need, whether it is a simple single-user system or a multi-user, multi-location network.

Avid Maestro – complete end-to-end real-time graphics and video production

From newscasts to sports programming, the visual needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily. And with the latest version, you gain greater platform integration, fast turnaround workflows, and extended user management to boost your production efficiency and possibilities further.

From on-air and interactive graphics, to virtual studio displays and high-res video wall content, Maestro provides everything you need for full end-to-end graphics and video production. Create 2D/3D graphics with the included 4Designer authoring software. Then compose templates and take command of your live show with Maestro. You can even control video and graphics playback multiple ways—manually and with SmartShot, an iPad, an automation system, and a video switcher.

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