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Success Story

The history of VisionHOUSE is rich in remarkable events and achievements, which could make a big book interesting to read. This timeline includes only the most revolutionary milestones which in their time made a big impact on the country’s media industry, and sometimes the whole regions of the CIS and Eastern Europe. We thank our customers and partners for trust and successful engineering creativity!


VisionHOUSE designs, builds and launches brand new turnkey media ifrastructure for TV5 next gen regional channel which sets Ukraine's National Record!


2014 MacHOUSE Broadcast becomes an independent company VisionHOUSE


2013 Design and launch from scratch a next generation TV Channel 112 Ukraine.
Design and launch from scratch a new studio and broadcast complex for UNION TV based in Donetsk.


Design, implementation, launch and support of the newest automated digital complex for HD-ready multichannel broadcasting of the First National channel of Ukraine.


We got a status of the UEFA official expert for building TV infrastructure for Arena Donbass and Arena Lviv. Collaborator in building broadcast infrastructure for Uzbekistan’s major stadium Bunedkor – a project under President Karimov’s patronate. Almost from the scratch, MacHOUSE develops, implements, supports the launch of the upgraded Tonis HD. This is Ukraine’s first channel fully broadcasting in HD standard. A flexible scalable broadcasting complex for Football HD.


Design and building HD-ready automated multichannel air control room for Ukraina group of channels.


Developed and built Ukraine’s first ever DSNG based on Ford Explorer for the First National TV channel.


Virtual studio for Ukraina TV channel. "Silver Orange" kids program made in it receives TV Triumph 2006-2007 National Broadcast Prize. Virtual studio for Gravis TV channel (now known as CITI) with the first in Ukraine (for that time) opportunity to implement 3D objects on the foreground.


Turnkey project for the first in Ukraine and Eastern Europe all digital news channel NTN: post production, newsroom, injest, air control and core rooms; channel branding and design room, training, launch support. New technologies empowered NTN creative professionals with new perspectives, and they repeatedly received professional awards: for the 8 years of work NTN four times received Ukraine’s top prize in journalism Golden Feather, Golden George prize for law protecting programs, Yaroslav the Wise prize of І and ІІ grades, and many others.


Pinnacle ThunderXL video server for Novy Channel – one of the CIS first projects opening new opportunities for broadcasting.


Ukraine’s first digital HD post production system for Luxen Studio that makes Ukraine’s first HD music video for Ruslana Lyzhychko, winner of Eurovision 2004.


MacHOUSE Broadcast department starts working.


MacHOUSE company is founded to quickly take the leading positions in the systems integration industry.