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Digital Cinema

Awards Winning Technologies for Digital Cinema Production and Post

You definitely saw the results of work of the solutions we offer for Digital Cinema: numerous winners of the most prestigious prizes and festivals – blockbusters, top shows and series, music videos – have been created with these tools.

We offer proven solutions and technologies for production and post production of movies, documentaries, series, animated films, commercials and music videos.

Your choice of the technology and equipment greatly impacts the quality of your picture and the time you spend on your work. Wherever you shoot – in pavilions or in the field – we’ll help you choose the optimal solution to meet your goals.

The advanced tools for post production, creating effects, reliable storages, flexible media management systems will provide for fast and seamless work with your digital resources.

We build projects for lighting, sound proof complexes, integrated solutions for production and recording, grip, robotic cameras and virtual studios, video and audio post production systems, media asset management tools.