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Maximal number of viewers is the key to success and profit of a sports event. All participants – sports federations, arenas, broadcasters, advertisers and sponsors – are highly interested in that. Broadcasting dramatically extends the audience, taking a local event to the global level of reach.

This is why professionally designed broadcast infrastructure that meets all requirements of international sports federations becomes an integral part of contemporary sports venues. And this is where we can help.

We help sports events reach millions of viewers!

VisionHOUSE is an expert in systems integration for television, sports arenas and digital cinema, and we offer cutting edge solutions based on the proven equipment and our profound expertise based on the numerous innovative and successful projects.

When Ukraine was getting ready to welcome EURO 2012 football championship, we got a status of the UEFA special expert. Our projects of broadcast infrastructures for the newest sports complexes "Donbass Arena" and "Arena Lviv" projects successfully passed the UEFA compliance checks.

In 2013 we finished our part in building video infrastructure of a brand new Uzbekistan's main stadium Bunedkor, which is being built under the patronage of President Islam Karimov. The project was recognized by professionals of the East and West: the solution totally complies with the standards of the Asian Football Confederation, and the UEFA President Michel Platini compared this stadium with "the best arenas of Europe".

VisionHOUSE solutions are unique and versatile, effectively functioning for any kind of sports complexes. One of the examples is a successful project for ice arena "Druzhba", which is home stadium for "Donbass" hockey club. We design multifunctional complexes to be used for basketball, handball, mini football, hokey and other sports arenas as well as concerts, shows and other events.

If our offer of systems integration services is interesting to you, we'll be happy to tell more and dicsuss your projects at a meeting or further correspondence. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

Besides, we do design and implementation of projects for building broadcast infrastructures in airports, trade & entertainment centers and all kind of constructions needing Digital Signage or internal production facilities.